It was not meant to be an adventure, only a visit to the Consulate of France in San Francisco. My neighbour André and his brother, who is also a Brother of the Carmelite Order, Roger Larre, and myself who was some sort of tour guide on the Bart system, parked Bro. Roger’s car and were supposed to remember the stall number to pay for the fee. Well, we walked and purchased the individual ride tickets, and proceeded to pay for the parking… tara… no one could remember the stall number and Bro. Roger had to go all the way back to get it. We got that and continued on to take the BART train.

All was fine but we got off on the wrong train stop and had to walk and walk long blocks in the financial district in San Francisco. Finally we got to the French Consulate headquarters and got the issues taken care of.

In the meantime, an old time friend of the Larre brothers, Jean Leon Cuburu, came to our rescue to take us to lunch at the place where he works several days per week: “PIPERADE” a Basque Cuisine Restaurant of the finest in the West Coast of the USA. Located at 1015 Battery St. S. F.

Since this was one of his days off, he was able to sit and chat with us; and it was he ordered the Best of the Menu! The best wines as well. We got introduced to the present staff and got the best service and food ever imagined. Well, after the delicious and succulent meal, we got the “tour” of the premisses and LO! The wines, the immaculate kitchen, the sitting areas, the paintings on walls, and over all, the cleanliness of the entire place. Simple wonderful!

Then, Jean Leon drove us back to the BART station and headed home happy, full bellied, and smiling for the great day we’ve just had.

I was so profoundly grateful for a day of adventure and fun in my beautiful San Francisco with three great Basque-French guys!dscf9562

lunch at basque place
lunch at basque place

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