International Marketplace in Honolulu, Hawaii.  GONE, SO SAD!

I was in Honolulu for a few days and it is NOT what it used to be. It was so that in the center of Honolulu, you’d see native people of the Island, with their handmade crafts, on little shops in the “International Market Place” and around the streets of Honolulu…. well, no more. “The International Market Place” is now  “the international marketplace made of concrete”, no more Hawaiian Huts! It opened on August 25th, 2016. Where did all the local vendors go?  High-end stores and fancy shopping stores have replaced them.  The local “luaus” -that used to be in hotels’ lobbies, now only feature skinny, long hair girls with tons of makeup made to look “native”; The costumes these dancers use are of shiny satin or something… not Hawaiian! The guys are still the ‘local’ Hawaiian guys who are tough, strong, with beautiful dark skin; great-super dancers difficult to imitate. So you don’t see pale many faces there.  So sad.   Honolulu is like a small version of New York City with a wonderful weather and splendid Waikiki Beach.  But without the local charm and the International Marketplace……..  oh, I don’t know.  Pretty Sad.