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I recently emailed you regarding “family value chef” Heather Gardea’s tips for budget-friendly dining out with kids.

We have a pre-written feature article about how parents can feed their kids for free every night of the week if they do a little research.

The article is below. If you are interested in running it, please let me know. We have photos, and I can also send the article as an attachment.

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Just when dining out may be nixed from a tightened family budget, there are some tasty solutions that won’t deprive you the pleasure of sitting down, relaxing, and having your meal served to you.

Did you know that if you spent an hour on the internet today, you could uncover a week’s worth of free meals at local restaurants for your kids? Do a Google search for “family restaurants” and “kids meals” in your area. Then go to their website and find the dates they offer their “Kids Eat Free” night. Many restaurants offer free kids meals one and sometimes several nights a week. These websites either list restaurants where you can find free meals or where you can download coupons for great discounts.

Every restaurant purposely develops experiences just for their target customers, and for family restaurants that means doing everything they can to attract more families. That goes for everything from putting items on a menu that are most loved by moms, dads and kids, to décor that engenders a family atmosphere, and activities that keep kids’ attention while Mom and Dad have a few moments to share over a meal. “Kids Eat Free” promotions help restaurants create loyal consumers and for you, it’s one night you don’t have to mess up the kitchen.

“Some of these free meals are not just macaroni and cheese, mind you”, says Heather Gardea, executive chef for Coco’s and Carrow’s restaurants. “I became known as the ‘family value chef’ because I have a knack for finding the highest quality foods at affordable prices and pairing them into multi-course meals for under $8. I carefully balance proteins, fats and carbs so that the optimal nutrients can be had in one sitting.” Heather created the promotional offer at her restaurants of one free kids meal for every adult entrée two nights a week. For example, you can find free kids meals at any Coco’s Bakery Restaurant in California, Arizona, Nevada or Colorado on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after 4 p.m. (www.cocosbakery.com) and at Carrows Restaurants on Wednesdays and Thursdays after 4 p.m (www.carrows.com).

It’s important to understand that restaurants buy in bulk, so they can get certain provisions for much less than what we can buy in a grocery store. So, oddly enough, eating out can be cheaper and more nutritious than making food at home. For a restaurant, the benefit of having you in their dining room offsets what a free kids meal costs them. So it’s cheap for you, and cost effective for them.

You’d be surprised how many kinds of restaurants have kid friendly and nutritious choices. These websites either list restaurants where you can find free meals or where you can download coupons for great discounts. Check out www.restaurant.com , www.valpak.com , www.moneysavingexpert.com . By following these helpful budgeting tips you can treat your family to a night out and still have a little cash left in your pockets.