A list of some of the worst mass killing in Northern America:1539 Napituca Massacre:

1541-42 Tiguex Massacres: 250 killed
1599 Acoma Massacre: 800 killed
1601 Sandia Mountains Tompiro Indians massacre: 900 killed
1623 Pamunkey Peace Talks: the English poison wine at peace talks with Powhatan 250 killed
1637 Mystic Massacre: colonist set fire to Pequot village 600-700 killed
1644 Pound Ridge Massacre: Lenape village burned by colonist 500 killed
1675 Great Swamp Massacre: Narragansett village attacked 340 killed
1676 Massacre at Occoneechee Island: Nathaniel Bacon turns on Occaneechi allies 100 killed
1676 Turner Falls Massacre: Indian fishing camp 100 killed
1676 Rhode Island: militia attacks band of Narragansetts 126 killed
1689 Zia Pueblo: Governor of New Mexico orders attack on Pueblos 600 killed
1704 Apalachee Massacre: Former Governor of
Florida orders attack on Apalachee 1,000 killed 2,000 enslaved
1712 Massacre at Fort Narhantes: North Carolina Militia attacks Tuscarora village 300 killed
1712 Fox Indian Massacre: French Troops attack Fox Indian village 1,000 killed
1713 Fort Neoheroka: Militia attacks Tuscarora village 1,100-1,200 killed
1730 Massacre at Fox Fort: French Troops attack Fox Indian village 500 killed
1747 Chama River Massacre: Spanish Troops attack Ute village 100 killed
1774 Spanish Peaks: Spanish Troops attack Comanche village 300 killed
1782 Gnadenhutten Massacre: Pennsylvania militiamen attack Lenape village 100 killed.
1805 Canyon del Muerto: Spanish Troops attack Navajo village 115 killed
1813 Tallushstchee: Tennessee Troops Attack Creek Town 200 killed
1813 Autossee Massacre: Georgia militia sets fire to Creek village 200 killed
1813 Hillabee Massacre: Tennessee Troops attack Creek village 65 killed
1818 Chehaw Massacre: US Troops attack Muscogee village 50 killed
1826 Dressing Creek Massacre: Texas settlers attack Karankawa village 50 killed
1832 Bad Axe Massacre: US soldiers attack Indian village 150 killed
1840 Council House Massacre: Attack against Comanche 88 killed
1840 Colorado River: Volunteer Rangers attack Comanche village 140 killed
1840 Clear Lake Massacre: Mexican Posse attacks Pomo and Wappo village 150 killed
1846 Sacramento River: US soldiers attack Yana village 200 killed
1847 Storming of Pueblo de Taos: US soldiers attack Pueblo de Taos 180 killed
1850 Bloody Island Massacre: US soldiers attack Pomo village 100 killed
1851 Old Shasta Town: Miners set fire to Wintu village 300 killed
1852 Hynes Bay Massacre: Texas militiamen attack Karankawa village 45 killed
1852 Bridge Gulch Massacre: California posse attacks Wintu village 150 killed
1852 Wright Massacre: White settlers attack a Modoc peace party 40 killed
1853 Howonquet Massacre: California settler’s attack and burn Howonquet village 70 killed
1853 Yontoket Massacre: Posse of California settlers attack Tolowa prayer ceremony 450 killed
1853 Archuleta Massacre: White settlers attack Tolowa village 150 killed
1854 Chetco River Massacre: White settlers attack Chetco village 40 killed
1855 Harney Massacre: US soldiers attack Sioux village 90 killed
1856 Grande Ronde River Valley Massacre: Washington volunteers attack Cayuse and Walla Walla village 60 killed
1858-1859 Round Valley Massacres: White settlers wage continuous attacks on Yuki villages 600 killed
1859 Pit River Massacre: White settlers attack Achomawi village 70 killed
1860 Massacre at Bloody Rock: White settlers attack Yuki village 65 killed
1860 Indian Island Massacre: White settlers attack Wiyot villages 250 killed
1861 Horse Canyon Massacre: White settlers attack Wailaki village 240 killed
1862 Tonkawa Massacre: Union soldiers attack Tonkawa village 400 killed
1863 Bear River Massacre: US soldiers attack Shoshone village 280 killed
1864 Oak Run Massacre: White settlers attack Yana’s at spiritual ceremony 300 killed
1864 Sand Creek Massacre: Colorado militia attacks Cheyenne village 160 killed
1865 Owens Lake Massacre: White vigilantes attack Paiute village 40 killed
1868 Washita Massacre: US soldiers attack Cheyenne village 140 killed
1870 Marias Massacre: US soldiers attack Piegan village 173 killed
1871 Camp Grant Massacre: White and Mexican posse attack Apache village 140 killed, 40 sold into slavery
1872 Skelton Cave Massacre: US troops attack Yavapai’s living in a cave 76 killed
1877 Big Hole Massacre: US troops attack Nez Perce village 90 killed
1879 Fort Robinson Massacre: US troops kill Northern Cheyenne’s fleeing imprisonment 77 killed
1890 Stronghold Massacre: South Dakota militiamen attack village in Pine Ridge 75 killed
1890 Wounded Knee Massacre: US troops open fire on Lakota at Wounded Knee 300 killed

Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat their mistakes. Forgetting a nation’s violent past only serves to ensure it’s violent future.