By Rosalina Contreras-Rosado
03/06/2012 For

Let me tell you the event and trauma that happened to me when my mother took me from El Salvador: I was still a child and our dreaded trip to the US had been planned by my mother to take place in January 1961. I had gone along taking all the health exams for the resident’s visa. I was happy because I did not want to go to the Central de Señoritas because it was a very tough school and I did not do well at homework.

Anyway, on the 30th of December, 1960 my mother got a call from Pan Am Airlines saying they had 3 seats available for that eve and my mom took them. I had been at a movie matinee and upon my return home, I was told to hurry up we’re leaving in a few hours! LOL! It was so sudden I did not even say good bye to some of my best friends. I cried and cried on the plane which crossed a thunder storm and I wished so hard for the plane to get hit by lightening and be dead! It did NOT happen! I was devastated and miserable. Then, Joe Gregg, our childhood friend from El Salvador, went to pick us up at the SFO airport and who to this day is still a great friend, and took us to my sister Zoila’s house.

Needless to say the New Year was a “velorio”. I cried and cried every day for about 3 weeks and got sick with fevers and chills until my mother told me she was going to send me back for me to live with Fina!!!! I wanted to go back with mother and sister Lupita, not alone! I got “better” and then, they enrolled me at school and my life here begun.

Seven years later, I went to El Salvador for 10 days. Everybody was older, going to higher education studies or had a job, gotten married with children. I had gotten married and had my 2 wonderful girls. Nevertheless, my friends and cousins Maria Elena and Evelyn were trying to convince me to stay and get a job there, that my chances were great, to send for George and the girls! Of course I did not and returned to the US. At that time was when that war started with Honduras- and had to postpone the return by a couple of days.

All this time I never forgave my mother! It wasn’t until 1986-7 when I was taking a Psychology course that we did a test on ourselves and the professor said to get something that has been in our mind and was really bad and we’d want to clear up: to get it in writing and the paper it’s written on make it into a ball and throw it away as far as we could. I wrote how my mother had pulled me out and transplanted me by force and that I did not forgave her all those years. Then I rolled the paper and went to the Golden Gate park and threw it as far as I could and then the healing process to forgive my mother started.

After that, Mama Lina and I became closer and closer. I love my mother. She had her reasons for bringing me here, but…

My life in the USA has been great. I married my high school sweetheart George, the father of my wonderful daughters Tatiana and Irene. Tatiana is the mother of my super wonderful grand kids, Alexander and Valentina. Most of my family is here and many more were born here. I LOVE MY MOTHER. WITH MY SOUL. Now I say: GRACIAS MAMI, POR TU AMOR.

Now, imagine how many children who are now adults go through something similar or worse than my event, and never got healed!