A POEM by Rosalina Contreras, written Sep 3, 2001.

From the time of your arrival
you helped to change our world
for the worse. You brought us the
change of our words.

To describe the message of a new life
from a world increasingly advancing:
a church made for the unwilling,
a certain death for those insurrecting.

Nuestra Cultura que data de siglos y siglos.









Old customs were all forgotten
as tragedies were sacrifices,
They pyramids were sadly abandoned
and cemeteries forever increasing.

We traded our gold for your horses,
millenary traditions for your crosses.
our feathers and furs for your clothes,
spears and arrows for your guns with powders.

Our beans and corn implemented your diet
while we hunger for freedom and quiet.
Our grandparents died with the story
and were laid to rest without glory.

The jaguars left, the monkeys escaped,
the birds flew away but WE just stayed.

Monday, September 03, 2001.