Friday, February 24, 2017, was a morning full of anticipation at The Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, California.



The place was packed; more tables and chairs had to be assembled and more  food prepared; the event was sold out but more people came anyway.

Time was not an issue, the issue was Mr. Bobby Seale!

What a man!  What a gentleman! What a Brain!  Every word he pronounced was a resonance of his knowledge and love for the People.

He spoke of his memories from the heart.  Like the time when he, Bobbie Seale, had just returned from his 4 yr service for the US Airforce, Ronald Reagan, referred to him as being “a hoodlum”.  The time when “Wonder Bread” promised not to employ black people. He goes to say: “Wonder was where our mind went”!  Boycott Wonder Bread!  Also at this time, the first Tutorial Program was started in Richmond, California.

“The Black Panther Party for Self Defence” its original name, was founded on October 15, 1966.  They recruited guys and each had a rifle which they were not to use except for self protection from the police which was brutal.  Mr. Seale did not want anybody to say that they never took a bath, therefore before they went marching down the street patrolling, everyone had to be well showered.   Each of the Party Patrols had 14 members and only one-1-could talk if confronted.  Black Panthers were to stand and look at policemen who were abusing their power upon the people.  They were to be bystanders to act as witness.

In one of those events, a policeman was terrorising a store owner, he saw the Black Panther Patrol members watching him.  They had to be 20 feet away to be within the law, and not to interfere. However, the cop did not like that and walked towards them and asked if the rifles were ready to fire; Bobby Seale said “yes”; the cop thought about it and left.

The purpose of the “Patrols” was to change racial exploitation and treatment; it was also to organise and teach the people about “having power” and that lead to Registering to Vote. Community Organising also served to provide Black History classes in relation to both, the USA and Africa.

In October 1966 there was a spread of lies on Main Stream Media, saying that each Black Panther Member carried a gun to Kill Whites.

In 1969 his book “Black Power Seize the Time”  he relates the history of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton.  He wrote this book while being incarcerated in San Francisco.

Bobby Seale has a passion for BBQ!  Yes, the Grill!  In 1988 he wrote his book:  “Barbeque’n with Bobby”.

In October 18, 2016, his book: “Power to the People: The World of the Black Panthers” hit the stands.  It is the story in photography and contributions of former party members of the controversial Black Panther’s founded 50 years ago by Mr. Seale and Huey Newton.

This wonderful event was created by Kyra Worthy, Executive Director of 4R for Richmond, and her exemplary staff.  They allowed all the time needed for each one who desired a photo with Mr. Seale.  The line was long, but everyone waited his/her turn peacefully.

Background music was the excellent with duet “T-ROY, soft jazz”.

The delicious food was by “Cafe Soleil,” at 3550 San Pablo Dam Road, El Sobrante, California.