Early this afternoon, my friend Laura Valencia invited me to go with her to the movies.  She knew that I love anything “newspaper related”.  So we went to our local movie theater and enjoyed the show.

#The Post -the movie- carries an emotional theme:  The Vietnam War.

But it is not about the war, it is about the lies the government feeds to “the people”.   Such intrigue all around the characters.  The woman, -Merryl Streep- had inherited The Washington Post from her father but her husband who had also died had run it ever since.  She did not know how to run a newspaper; all she ever did was go to parties and enjoy celebrity.

Anyhow, when the time came for her to “face life” at The Post, she came through.

This is a REFRESHER COURSE ON THE FIRST AMENDMENT:  FREEDOM OF THE PRESS and how Presidents and Government manipulate and want to keep manipulating the PRESS.

I totally loved it.

Thanks, Laurita for letting me know about this meaningful movie so “relevant” in this day and age.

Tom Hanks also stars in the movie and makes a great performance, like he usually does.

#The Post- the movie.