The San Pablo Chamber of Commerce is Honoring Jun S. Simundo with the
Most Prestigious “Man of the Year 2012” Award. This award is being given to Jun because of his dedication plus his unselfish love and regards for the community and the World at large.

Jun S. Simundo has “been there” in time of necessity with his music and art and willingness to help out those in need.

Severo Simundo, or Jun Simundo as his family and close friends call him, was born on May 6, 1963 in the city of Santa Barbara, Iloilo, in the Philippines. There, he atended “Santa Barbara Elementary School” and “Santa Barbara Nacional Comprehensive High School” where he developed his talent as a painter and musician learning to play the guitar and singing. He was the eighth of eleven children of Isaac Simundo and Luz Solilap.

When he was still a very young child, after school, he would help at his grandfather’s poultry and piggery farm and during the weekends he’d assist plowing the rice fields and also plant crops, such as corn, rice and sugar-cane depending on the season.

He later atended “Iloilo School of Arts and Trades” majoring in Applied Electronics but due to financial hardship was not hable to graduate. Then worked as a salesman of books and enciclopedias where he developed a passion for reading the biographies of the world’s greates philanthropists and inspirational books.

Jun migrated to the United Status on November 19,1989 and for 6 months lived with his sister in Suisun City and then moved to San Pablo where he’s resided since then.

As Jun is Catholic and a talented musician, he joined St. Paul’s Catholic Church and helped create the chorale group “The Banyuhay Group USA”.

In his personal forum in 1992 he formed “The Jun Simundo Band” where he’s the lead vocalist and and plays the guitar. This band performs at local clubs, lodges and private parties. He has also performed with the “Vallejo Symphony Orchestra” among others. His band is one of the most preferred at the Moose Lodge in Richmond, California, where besides being a loved member is also a chef at the wonderful dinners held on Fridays and Saturdays.

Jun S. Simundo is a true philantropher. Often volunteers and helps charitable organizations and institutions to raise funds for their ventures. Among them are: “Hospitalizad Veterans of California”; “The Moose Charities”; “Parents of Murdered Children”;” Boys and Girls Club of El Sobrante”; “Adopt a Family Program” in San Pablo; “Pistol Program and Kids to Camp” at the San Pablo Police Department; “Bay Area Rescue Misión”; “Victims of Violent Crimes”; “Victims of Tsunami” in Sri Lanka; “The Red Cross”; and “Survivors of 9-11”. This fundraising events were highlighted by presentations of his “The Jun Simundo Band” for listening and dancing and also by donating some of his paintings for auction sales. His lovely wife Christy and his sons Joshua Jun and Nicholas Jun have helped him constantly at the events. Jun also has a step son Bryan who lives in Alaska, and a daughter Arrianna Jun in the Phillipines.

About six years ago, while vacationing in the Pillipines he was looking to purchase real state for his legacy, but seeing the need of some young people to get ahead, instead decided to start a scholarship grant for low income students from his hometown. To this day there have been 60 high school students on the program with 10 added each year. His good friend Marie Holland has helped him along the way on this proyect.

Jun Simundo has been employed by the “US Postal Service” since 1993 and has been an active member of “The Nacional Association of Letter Carriers”. He belongs to “The Sportsman Association of San Pablo” where he also serves in the Board of Directors; “Banyuhay Group of the USA”; “The Jun Simundo Band”; and the “Richmond Moose Lodge 550”. At the “Moose Lodge 550” Jun has been elected Governor three times and has been given three recognion awards, the last one being “Legionnaire of the Year 2011”; “Fellowship Degree” and “25 Club”; and –of course- on Saturday, March 31, 2012, The “San Pablo Chamber of Commerce’s Award to the man of the year: Jun S. Simundo!”

A standing ovation to Jun!