What is Romance?
by Anonymous

Romance is holding hands, listening to music, going out to a small bar and sip a glass of wine,

lots of affection, candlelit dinners, exchange of gifts for absolutely no reason other than because you love that person.

It means lingering about and taking bubble baths and showers together. Long stem roses.

It’s that Ooh La Laa. Most importantly its telling how much you love her/him and what you love about each other while snuggling in bed. Be serious and honest. It all has to come from the heart or it’ll be cheesy.

Praise her/him regularly, and touch her/him lovingly.

Romance is a feeling of deep attachment and affection that goes beyond all known human bonds.

two people sharing one thought in both body and mind mixing their hearts and sharing their souls.

ROMANCE comes before LOVE.
and when you are in love, romance shall survive.
I miss ROMANCE and I miss LOVE.